November 2013

There's a New Cook in our Kitchen

We are extremely excited to welcome Chef Celia Balko to our kitchen.  She comes to us from the Banquet Kitchen of the Anatole Hotel in Dallas.  Having worked alongside several chefs, including Senior Executive Chef Tom Welther, has exposed Chef Celia to several different styles and techniques of the culinary arts.  Although the experience and accolade of working in one of the most well known hotels in the state was rewarding, Chef Balko's true passion is teaching others the art of cooking.  "Bringing people together with beautiful and delicious food is what I do best," says Chef Celia.

Cooking classes and in-store demonstrations will begin late November 2013 and will range from Basic Skills to the Everyday Gourmet!

We look forward to Chef Balko's classes that are sure to offer techniques and tips that will enhance the pleasure of preparing great meals and creating special memories with your family and friends.

For more information on our classes, visit the Events/Calendar Page.




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